Travel without crowds and without haste. Change your pace of life

We live in an accelerated world where the best medicine is to travel. The best trips are those that allow you to disconnect from the routine and immerse yourself in enriching experiences where you forget the daily routine and find inner calm.

Mass tourism causes the identity of the destination to be lost. We seek the authentic, the autenticity of each place, aimed at an exclusive number of people, to guarantee a slow pace.


Immerse yourself in the daily life of the place you visit

Abandon travel anxiety and give yourself to the enjoyment of cities and towns, the lives of its people, their traditions, become a traveler.

In the local community Enjoy the people’s hospitalty and the heritage guided by expert local guides.

Slow tourism experiences: what snail do you want to travel with?

Choose between the 5 following snails.

  • Taste traditional food of the highest quality with our slow gourmet.
  • Harvest and taste the best Spanish slow wine.
  • Sail on a sailboat along the Spanish coast with slow sun.
  • Practice outdoor In a natural environment with slow sport.
  • Meet the calmest snow practice with slow snow

Try to your bit on sustainability

With slow experience means betting on the maintenance of traditional local When living the slow experience you contribute to the maintenance of traditional local systems.

Sustainable development is important for the future of our planet

Shall we organize your trip

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