El Rocío all year

We’re  leaving Romería

Everything is ready, we just have to meet at the planned place: a farmhouse, a farm, a place near the road …

We are going to have a good time, to really feel it, to live the authenticity of an experience that rarely occurs.
Together we will travel singing and dancing, eating and drinking, chatting and enjoying the things on the road, the authenticity of an Andalusian pilgrimage.

We will walk through the areas with more art and charm, visiting the marshes, the pine forests, the meadows, the lagoons, the riverbanks … reliving the experiences that the pilgrims have during the pilgrims that in the month of May they make in their walk towards the Rocío and towards other hermitages of great tradition and devotion.

Place: El Rocío (Huelva)
Availability: all year
Duration: from 2 nights
Capacity: 1 to 11 people

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Slow Sun

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